Invested in Sustainability

Our business ethos centres on producing and delivering fresh healthy food at affordable prices in a sustainable manner. We have a range of initiatives, values and systems in place to ensure that we remain focused on the needs of the people around us and the environment.

Our main focus:

Food safety and integrity

Our dedicated technical team monitor our food compliance systems, manage internal and external audits, ensuring that our products are safe to eat and that we provide a safe working environment.

Our employees

We want to attract and retain the best employees possible – people who are passionate about healthy food, innovation, sustainability and customer care. To help support this strategy, we put emphasis on training and development, recognition and reward – and embracing diversity.


In conjunction with Country Crest, we support and actively participate in a number of events and fund raising activities for people in need living in our local communities, and also in developing countries. We are also proud to partner with local charities, providing fresh prepared meals to the homeless and The Food Cloud – to avoid unnecessary food waste.

The environment

Ballymaguire Foods is proud to be part of the Country Crest Group, who is a founding member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in a range of positive actions, including the installation of a 800kW wind turbine, which provides approximately 50% of our electrical energy needs on site. We are continually focussing on set targets to improve key areas such as: energy production and consumption; waste management and raw material sourcing; biodiversity; and social responsibility.