Procurement Manager

Main Function

To ensure that raw materials are purchased on time, cost effectively, in efficient quantities and to the correct specification to guarantee that the production plans can be executed in sequence.


Key Duties

Source, identify and manage suppliers of raw materials, packaging materials while assessing their ability to meet quality, service, and delivery requirements.

Liaise with the sales team to ensure that weekly forecast is received to support accurate purchasing of raw materials

Negotiate optimum price levels for raw and packaging materials.

Develop annual sourcing plans reflecting year-over-year cost reductions, quality enhancements and continuous improvement.

Lead the way in managing obsolete and slow-moving stock, in the most profitable manner.

Monitor and drive KPIs including, process improvement, cost reduction, capacity planning and delivery.

Identify and lead internal project teams as and when required.

Attend daily operations meetings (or send a rep from the Purchasing team).

Lead all members of the purchasing team to achieve their individual goals.

Develop a yearly business plan for purchasing based on operational guidelines and company goals, review on an annual basis.

Negotiating and maintaining purchasing contracts and terms.

Maintaining and strengthening ongoing relationships with existing suppliers including attending supplier meetings.

Negotiation of pricing of current and new products to ensure that we maintain market competitiveness at all times.

Manage risk to supply through maintaining close relationships with suppliers.

Support effective working capital management by maintaining optimal stock levels.