Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Hard work, high standards and dedication to the production of good food, from source to supermarket shelf, has made Ballymaguire Foods a leader in its class of fresh and convenience food production. A perfect balance; Ballymaguire Foods is a traditional, sustainable and Irish owned company, with the scale and efficiency of an accomplished market leader in its field.

Hard work, high standards and dedication to the production of good food”


Ballymaguire Foods Values:

Customer Care
We are committed to supplying outstanding service, quality and value, never forgetting that our relationship with our customers is pivotal to our success.

Can Do Attitude
We encourage personal initiative and empower our people to make things happen. Our motivation comes from a determination to succeed in all we do.

Team Work
We believe everyone has a valuable part to play in the success of our business. We aim to communicate effectively and are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We thrive on new challenges, looking for innovative ways to grow and improve our business further.

Getting it right and keeping right
We strive to deliver the right result every time in the most effective way providing value for our customers and stakeholders alike




'Handmade, home kitchen  approach'

'Hard work, high standards and dedication to the production of good food'

'Specialists in private label production'

'Leader in its class for fresh and convenient food production'


'Diverse and custom ranges of chilled main meals and meal accompaniments '

'100% trusted and treacable ingredients'

'Highly skilled team with extensive food knowledge and expertise'

'Sourcing fresh ingredients locally, wherever possible'

'Quality and standard of foods you would cook at home'

'Select produce & beef grown and reared on our own farm'

'Perfect products and diverse offerings individually tailored by customer'

'Highly skilled food team'

'Committed to supplying outstanding service, quality and value'

'In-depth understanding of our markets, customers and consumers'